United Airlines has announced it will begin running services between four of its US hubs and Tokyo’s Haneda airport in 2020, replacing some of its existing Narita flights.

From 28 March, the airline will begin operating non-stop flights from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York/Newark and Washington DC to Haneda, which is located approximately 15 minutes from downtown Tokyo. United also serves Haneda with daily non-stop flights from San Francisco. The new services will provide extra capacity for passengers travelling to Japan for the 2020 Olympics.

The new Haneda flights from Chicago and Washington DC will replace existing services to Narita. However, United will continue to serve Narita from Denver, Guam, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, New York/Newark and San Francisco.

United was one of three major US carriers planning to serve Haneda from 2020, including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Patrick Quayle, United’s VP of international network, commented: “Our new service to Haneda gives our customers more choice and connections to more than 65 destinations throughout Asia. With service beginning next spring, we look forward to providing convenient service for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, and beyond. United has offered non-stop service between the US and Japan for more than 40 years and we are excited to expand our Japan network at Tokyo’s Haneda airport and continue to be the largest US carrier to Japan.”

The schedule for the new Haneda flights from 28 March 2020 is as follows:

UA 881ChicagoHaneda12451555 (+1)B777-200ER
UA 882HanedaChicago17451555B777-200ER
UA 39Los AngelesHaneda12001545 (+1)B787-10
UA 38HanedaLos Angeles18201225B787-10
UA 131New York/NewarkHaneda10401335 (+1)B777-200ER
UA 130HanedaNew York/Newark171517:10B777-200ER
UA 803Washington DullesHaneda12301530 (+1)B777-200ER
UA 804HanedaWashington Dulles16001545B777-200ER
UA 875San FranciscoHaneda10451355 (+1)B787-9
UA 876HanedaSan Francisco1545905B787-9

While the Narita schedule from 28 March will be:

UA 837San FranciscoNarita11301435 (+1)B777-300ER
UA 838NaritaSan Francisco17051020B777-300ER
UA 32Los AngelesNarita11301510 (+1)B787-9
UA 33NaritaLos Angeles17:001100B787-9
UA 143DenverNarita13301620 (+1)B787-8
UA 142NaritaDenver18001335B787-8
UA 7HoustonNarita10251400 (+1)B777-200ER
UA 6NaritaHouston16351430B777-200ER
UA 79New York/NewarkNarita11051355 (+1)B777-300ER
UA 78NaritaNew York/Newark17001650B777-300ER
UA 903HonoluluNarita09551325 (+1)B777-200ER
UA 902NaritaHonolulu18550700B777-200ER
UA 828GuamNarita07000955B777-200 / B737-800
UA 196GuamNarita12001455B737-800
UA 873GuamNarita17051950B777-200 / B737-800
UA 827NaritaGuam11001545B777-200 / B737-800
UA 197NaritaGuam17352235B737-800
UA 874NaritaGuam2105145 (+1)B777-200 / B737-800


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