Global risk management firm WorldAware has launched a mass notification service that offers two-way communication to individuals and groups in the event of an incident.

By integrating Worldcue Communicator, WorldAware says it can offer global real-time intelligence, recipient list creation of those travellers who may be at risk based on their current location and incident management with two-way communications.

The company’s global network of operations centres staffed by intelligence and security analysts monitors threats and incidents around the clock. If there is an incident or warning of an event, WorldAware alerts its clients by the Worldcue Companion platform, which can be accessed via computer, mobile phone, email, or SMS text message.

The Worldcue platform then builds an on-demand list of travellers near the event, with location awareness achieved through the integration of assigned location, mobile location reporting, active travel itinerary and other reporting data.

Travel managers can then forward the alert or select a prepared template from more than 30 scenarios, and communicate with travellers to establish whether they are in need of assistance. Messages are sent via email, SMS and text-to-voice, or via a Worldcue Mobile app notification. These can be automatically resent at defined intervals until a response is received.

Responses from travellers can be viewed on a dashboard, with requests for assistance and crisis signals from the Mobile app prioritised for immediate attention.

Bruce McIndoe, president and founder of WorldAware, commented: “When intelligence indicates an early warning or a critical event occurs, speed of communication to forewarn or confirm safety or the need for assistance is essential. With Worldcue Communicator, WorldAware provides organisations with the ability to quickly understand what issues or incidents are relevant to the organisation and its people, and with a single click initiate a two-way communication to each of those individuals. Knowledge and speed save lives.”

Worldcue Communicator can also be used for relaying emergency messages, disruptions, business continuity issues, special drills, general organisational and group announcements, polling and informational messages.

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