Changing the mindset: Helping travellers, bookers and organisations think and choose better

The business travel industry is often based on booking habits and policy compliance. Unfortunately, not enough businesses are questioning if they are spending the right amount on their travel programme and travelling in the right way, or even considering the impact travel has on their employee wellbeing and the overall productivity.

Capita Travel and Events applies its Smarter working approach, through its use of behavioural psychology, data insight and technology, to explore these questions with measurable outcomes so the corporate travel programme can realise its potential.

By utilising this specialist experience, we bring a different mentality to travel management – one focused on understanding people, helping organisations to make better choices in how they travel, meet and connect with colleagues, suppliers and customers. This white paper aims to change the mindset, to challenge the defaults and help travellers, bookers and organisations be smarter in their bookings. We trust this will give you a fresh perspective to travel management, with new learnings you can take away.

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